Why Don't You Understand? Dr. Karen Gail Lewis - author of WHY DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND? A GENDER RELATIONSHIP DICTIONARY
A Gender Relationship Dictionary

Mars and Venus describe the problem
Now Here's the Solution!


(Relationship problems, gender communication differences and gender issues explored)

You already know men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Yet, knowing this doesn't prevent you and your partner from hurting each other with your miscommunication. Anger and relationship problems can arise from gender communication differences. More than 60% of relationship problems and gender issues result from gender communication differences (couples not understanding each other's language.)

This book, the world's first gender relationship dictionary, translates more than 70 words and phrases you regularly use that have very different meanings for your partner due to those gender communication differences. Understanding the real meaning of these words, as used in Male-ese and Female-ese, will rescue you and your partner from frustrating bickering and painful arguments. At last your good intentions will be heard!

Men, are you ever
  • Frustrated that no matter what you do for her, it's not enough?
  • Baffled by why she just can't say what she means, why she's so indirect?
  • Angry that you are suppose to know "I'm fine," usually means just the opposite?
Women, are you ever
  • Resentful that he doesn't really listen to you?
  • Hurt and confused when he just walks out of the room – in the middle of an argument?
  • Mad enough to scream when he persists in giving unsolicited advice – no matter how often you tell him you just want him to listen?

Here you'll find the answers to these gender issues, relationship problems and other gender communication differences that have plagued you and your partner. Now available for only $15.

The Gender Dictionary is user-friendly and perpetually re-usable.

There are 5 indispensible parts:


The Gender Dictionary helps resolve arguments and relationship problems caused by gender communication differences.

There are three sample conversations that go awry because the couples did not understand Male-ese and Female-ese (gender communication differences).


There are definitions, with examples, of more than 70 specific words and phrases, with cross-referencing where appropriate.


The three exchanges from the Prologue are repeated, noting specific gender words that led to each argument. Then, each exchange is repeated again demonstrating how the conversation might have been handled differently if both partners were respectful of the Male-ese and Female-ese differences. The Epilogue also contains a longer illustration of a good argument, highlighting specific words and terms that make it bilingual.


This provides four tips and solutions for enhancing a good, gender-sensitive conversation.

Your Personal Inventory List:

Here you can track the words and terms that cause problems within your relationship. This can become your individual resource guide for helping you become bilingual and for maneuvering through conversations with your partner without getting mired in arguments.

Right now I can imagine you are thinking: "This could be just another relationship book, a gimmick. I don't want to spend any more money on this stuff."
"I already own every Mars and Venus book and a dozen other relationship books. Why should I buy one more?"

IF SO, I have the perfect recommendation for you... DON'T BUY THIS BOOK… (YET.)

Try before you buy. Check out a few excerpts from the Gender Dictionary to read how men and women deal differently with advice. Read a description of the Miscommunication Cycle (gender communication differences), and a number of other words that are different in Male-ese than in Female-ese.

NOW, are you ready? Can you afford another day of gender communication differences? Another painful confrontation when your partner is not understanding you, when you are trying but not being appreciated?

Of course not!...

  So Order NOW

Be happpy and resolve your relationship problems and gender issues. Your relationship is too important. The Gender Dictionary is waiting to get you back on track to being appreciated and feeling heard, and to hearing your partner say, "You DO understand!"

Do not buy this gender relationship dictionary just to put on your bookshelf or nightstand. Buy it and USE IT!

Get the Gender Dictionary before your next argument!